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Grassi & Radice loves nature, as do its customers, which is why it can offer an authentic product made of wood with full respect for the environment and the people who live in it. Each element is tested for qualitative and functional conformity to which is added the use of vinyl adhesives and oil, vegetable wax, and water-based finishes, guaranteeing an authentic and completely natural product. Solid wood, plywood, and blockboard are key materials in the production of furniture, paneling, and accessories. Solid wood is the mother ingredient for some products, and essences from only controlled and programmed cuts are used. This means that every time a tree is cut down for furniture production, others are replanted, so the circle of life is not interrupted and nature is given back what it has given.


Realizing the importance of safeguarding natural heritage, we are increasingly willing to actively engage in its preservation. Reducing the harmful effects of production in the environment as much as possible is therefore the main goal of modern production. With this in mind, Grassi & Radice uses an exclusive water-based matte lacquering system, which is today’s most advanced answer in terms of environmental friendliness, health protection and quality of manufactured goods. Painting without polluting the environment is the result achieved by substituting water for solvents and using emulsion resins dispersed in an aqueous system. Lacquering furniture with water-based paints reduces the emission of polluting solvents into the atmosphere by more than 95 percent in compliance with the strict European standard EN 71.3

Eco-friendly panels

For Grassi & Radice, product quality also means respect for consumer health and the environment. For this, only ISO9001-certified eco-friendly panels with near-zero formaldehyde emissions are used, falling within class E1 of European standards EN717 and EN120. The mdf and laminate panels are made exclusively with 100% wood reuse through a certified quality production process that respects the environment because it does not involve the felling of trees.


Grassi & Radice upholstered furniture is made from natural and innovative materials selected according to the strictest criteria of quality, safety and solidity. These features and the craftsmanship of construction details determine the value and durability of each product. The structure of our padding is covered with materials of different densities, selected according to the position in which they are used by assessing the need of our spine in order not to force it into incorrect positions so as not to damage muscles, joints and ligaments. The cushions’ comfortable coziness and feel is determined by the right and balanced dosage of goose and duck feathers (a carefully washed, sterilized and hypoallergenic product) enveloping a polyurethane core with differentiated thickness; all enclosed in a pure cotton white lining. Each model is a new interpretation of the design through the selection of colors, fibers, fabrics. Grassi & Radice carefully studies the compatibility between the characteristics of the coating and the technical and aesthetic peculiarities of the subject to be coated. Each material undergoes tests that identify and ensure its quality, abrasion resistance and durability characteristics.

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