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Grassi & Radice Abitare operates in the field of renovations by carrying out multiple types of
of intervention; renovation of apartments, villas and stores of different sizes and prestige by upgrading interior and exterior environments including turnkey plant upgrading.




We employ carefully selected trained and trusted workers. For works that require special arrangements and workmanship, it enlists the support of highly specialized firms and craftsmen, chosen not only on the basis of technical competence, but also because they guarantee compliance with regulatory requirements for social security, health and safety.

We offer the Client a comprehensive service in both technical and operational aspects. Under the Technical aspect, due to our work experience we offer:

  • Feasibility study of the work or intervention to be carried out
  • The definition of an Activity Gantt in order to plan, coordinate, and track specific activities in a project by giving
    A clear illustration of its development
  • Submission and processing of paperwork to take advantage of current tax benefits
  • Design of the work or intervention to be carried out
  • Estimation and analysis of possible feasible technical solutions
  • Submission of the Project and completion of paperwork at the relevant government offices
  • Land Registry Sheets, Fractionations
  • Realization of the work either with own specialized personnel or with highly specialized firms or craftsmen
  • Energy Certifications

From the Operational aspect, we have the ability to move both domestically and internationally, having already gained much experience in this regard. Renovating is not just modernizing but rethinking spaces, lights, order. We will study the most suitable solutions for your needs and support you in choosing and matching all materials. Our goal is to create a functionally, aesthetically and emotionally successful space for you.

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